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Bobcat mechanized seed tree: the efficiency increases several times, the seedling survival rate is high

Article source:The station Upload time:2023-03-07

In recent days, much of the country has seen a wave of warming. Under the sun's support, daytime temperatures climbed to 20 degrees Celsius, and all parts of the country experienced the warmth of April and even early May. This Sunday is Arbor Day, all over the country will set off a wave of afforestation.

The job of planting trees is not easy

Plant a piece of green, share the city spring. But planting a hillside full of saplings is no easy task. The traditional way of tree removal mostly uses manual labor, digging, planting trees, soil cultivation, planting one mu of land, usually requires more than 10 people to work together to complete. Seedling operation as the most important link of nursery stock, its cost in the total sales cost occupies a considerable proportion.

According to Yang, who has participated in the "South Desert Beach Greening Project" in Yanqing, Beijing, it is difficult to hire enough foresters to fill large orders for digging seedlings during the peak season, even if they have enough money. In addition, the use of manual digging operations not only costs a lot of money, catch the peak of the order and work time is very long, and now many young people are not willing to do it, recruited workers are mostly 5, 60 years old, so the work efficiency is low.

With the increasing shortage of labor force and rising labor cost, mechanization of moving and planting trees is imminent. Bobcat sliding loader is a professional tool, which can easily complete the transplanting of more than 100 trees in a day.

Bobcat earth drill, professional burrow master

Bobcat earth drill is suitable for garden, afforestation and other environment, is a hole master, also suitable for installation of post boxes, piers, telephone poles and other conditions. It has high torque, high strength characteristics, to ensure the drilling efficiency. In addition, the whole drill body can be drilled into the hole with the drill bit, allowing for rapid and efficient drilling.

Bobcat tree moving machine, tree planting becomes simple

The Bobcat sliding loader can be transformed into a professional tree digging machine by using the tree moving machine. During construction, the driver operates a device that opens a hydraulically controlled front shovel to cut through the roots and quickly compresses the root crust, allowing the tree to be excavated, loaded, or replanted in minutes. With a single device, a single driver can perform tasks that require the cooperation of many people, and the work is extremely efficient.


Compared with the traditional manual transfer and tree planting, Bobcat sliding loader collocation professional has the following advantages:

First of all, the operation speed is increased by tens of times, and the operation efficiency is extremely high. It used to take a dozen workers to work together, but now a single Lynx device can do the same amount of work.

Secondly, the use of bobcat sliding loader to remove saplings, not only the survival rate of saplings is high, dredging ball full, uniform and complete specifications, but also save time, convenient packaging and transportation, but also shorten the time of planting saplings.

Again, there are no requirements on the soil environment when using bobcat slip loaders. Whether it is loess, black soil, clay, mud and stone soil, frozen soil, or wetland soil can be operated. Moreover, because of the small size of the bobcat equipment, it made it possible to navigate over the nursery and forest, even over the hills.

Mechanical production is not restricted by work intensity, can withstand dozens or even hundreds of loads higher than manual, to a large extent, saving labor resources, greatly improve production efficiency. Forget the traditional manual digging and planting of saplings. No need for a large number of workers, only a bobcat sliding loader carrying professional equipment, efficiency far superior work.