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Shanhe Special Clothing, Shanhe Technology and the Mobile Detachment of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau signed a strategic partnership agreement

Article source:The station Upload time:2023-03-09

Hunan Shanhe Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanhe Technology") signed strategic partnership agreements with the mobile detachment of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau. Li Dawei, deputy leader of the Mobile Detachment of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau, He Qinghua, honorary chairman and chief expert of Shanhe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and Zhang Daqing, deputy general manager of Shanhe Intelligent, attended the signing ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, Zhang Daqing welcomed the arrival of Li Dawei and his party, and introduced the basic situation of Shanhe Company, the progress of cooperation projects between the two sides and the key directions of strategic cooperation, and then signed with Deng Yu, the general manager of Shanhe Technology, as a representative, and Li Dawei, the representative of the Mobile Detachment of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau. According to the agreement, all parties will focus on the construction of forest fire protection and aviation emergency rescue capabilities, take advantage of the R&D and innovation capabilities and equipment manufacturing advantages of Shanhe Special Equipment and Shanhe Technology, and rely on the rich emergency rescue experience and equipment application opportunities of the Mobile Detachment of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau to jointly develop the innovative development of new technologies, new processes and new equipment for difficult problems in the field of emergency rescue, and promote the systematization and informatization of emergency rescue technologies and equipment Unmanned transformation and upgrading.

He Qinghua introduced that Shanhe Intelligent entered the field of special equipment in 2001 and aviation equipment in 2002. After more than 20 years of development, it has built a "air-ground" collaborative emergency rescue system, accumulated excellent technical strength and product and service advantages in the field of emergency rescue, and played an important role in the rescue of various disasters and accidents. He Qinghua said that the R&D of technology and equipment in the emergency rescue field should be prepared for a rainy day, set a good lead, cooperate with the mobile detachment of the National Fire Rescue Bureau, make full use of the advantages of the fire rescue business in the emergency rescue field, realize resource sharing, complement each other's advantages, and promote each other. He hoped that through in-depth cooperation between the two sides, more targeted emergency rescue equipment could be developed to better meet the rescue needs.

"The concept of 'leading innovation' of Shanhe Intelligent has broadened our thinking for equipment and technology innovation, and a series of equipment achievements have also made us feel the importance and contribution of machinery industry enterprises to the field of emergency rescue." Li Dawei expressed his appreciation for the R&D achievements and innovative strength of Shanhe Intelligent in the field of emergency rescue. He said that the mobile detachment of the National Fire and Rescue Bureau was stationed in a wide range and faced with the requirements of "major emergency and all-disaster" rescue and disposal, so it was of great significance to promote the integrated development of science and technology and emergency rescue. The two sides reached strategic cooperation this time, and made every effort to build an innovative highland in the field of emergency rescue. It is hoped that the two sides will take this signing as a starting point, give full play to their respective advantages, break through the blocking link from research and development to equipment application, jointly improve the level of emergency rescue equipment and technology, and enhance the combat effectiveness of the rescue team.

Li Dawei and his delegation also visited the company's cultural exhibition hall and the excavator assembly workshop. During the discussion and exchange, Shanhe Intelligent mainly introduced the dual-purpose belt opener, vehicle-mounted drilling rig, 750 transport aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicle and Shanhe Intelligent emergency rescue equipment system, and demonstrated the innovative ability and manufacturing strength of Shanhe Intelligent in the field of emergency rescue from all aspects and angles.

In the next stage, the two sides will focus on forest fire protection, aviation emergency rescue and other fields, connect and understand the actual needs of technology and equipment, conduct in-depth exchanges and cooperation, and contribute to the national disaster prevention and mitigation cause.