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Spring breeze is magnificent, and the grand plan is shown: Blue Engine Heavy Industry signed a contract for the 100 new energy heavy truck project, helping to promote green and high-quality developmen

Article source:The station Upload time:2023-03-20

On March 18, the "Signing Ceremony for the 100 Lanqing Heavy Industry New Energy Heavy Truck Project" was solemnly held in Jinan, Quancheng City, adding a significant touch to the 2023 Engineering Construction Industry Supply Chain Innovation and Development Conference, which was held in the same period, stunning four cities. The joint efforts of Zhongyuan Xinghang (Beijing) Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongyuan Xinghang"), Dajia Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dajia Machinery"), and Shandong Lanqing Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lanqing Heavy Industry") have created a new mode of group cooperation for digital platform production manufacturers' procurement terminal projects, It has greatly promoted the business development of the three units and will become a model of industry sharing, joint construction, and win-win cooperation.

Ace innovative solutions to promote the rapid development of the new energy industry

During the high-end dialogue session titled "Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges of Construction Equipment under the 'Double Carbon' Goal", Zhang Hui, Chairman of Lanqing Heavy Industry, proposed the challenges encountered in the development of new energy (electric) construction machinery products through concise numbers, and provided advanced development concepts and innovative solutions for production and manufacturing enterprises represented by Lanqing Heavy Industry, outlining a magnificent blueprint for green and high-quality development.

In most application scenarios, the amount of work generated by traditional fuel engineering machinery and equipment with a fuel consumption of 1 liter is only about equal to the amount of work that electric products consume 3 kilowatt hours of electricity. Based on the measured data, Lanqing Heavy Industry has concluded that electric construction machinery products can save over 70% of energy costs, which undoubtedly gives new energy products sufficient development space. New energy engineering machinery companies are also facing new challenges in response to the main concerns of users such as slow charging and short battery life of electric products. Blue Engine Heavy Industries' distributed mobile power exchange solution has solved this problem "perfectly" in stages. The charging/changing area can be centralized and separated, and the operational efficiency of continuous operation is improved by 20% compared to that of fixed power exchange. After the new energy channel was opened, Blue Engine Heavy Industry's flagship technology, the distributed mobile power exchange solution, solved both the cost and efficiency issues.

Currently, wind and light new energy are developing rapidly, but due to the characteristics of wind and light, a large number of wind and light resources are not fully utilized, requiring a certain amount of energy storage to cooperate. However, a large number of electric engineering machinery and heavy truck replacement backup batteries are excellent "energy storage pools" that provide sufficient power for the equipment during work, and can be used as the most flexible distributed energy storage for wind and photovoltaic stations during rest, allowing for flexible consumption, achieving a set of dual uses of battery power and energy storage. This can not only reduce the investment in system energy storage stations, improve the utilization rate of wind and solar power stations, but also form a "wind, light storage and transportation integration" zero carbon green power closed-loop new energy solution. At the same time, electric construction machinery and heavy trucks, as flexible and stable new consumption targets, can promote the rapid implementation and construction of new energy sources such as wind and wind, creating a synergistic effect that pulls each other.

New energy equipment, especially electric equipment, is a closed system that does not require "breathing". Therefore, compared to traditional fuel oil equipment, it has some very high-quality characteristics, such as strong adaptability to the construction environment, fearlessness of high dust and plateau low oxygen environments, and even narrow tunnel construction, with obvious characteristics and advantages. But there is also a big problem: the procurement cost of electric equipment is high. At this time, it is up to independent platforms such as Everybody Machinery to provide equipment manufacturing enterprises with financial policy upgrades and assistance to solve their worries. For example, there has been a new phenomenon in the industry, such as "battery" banks, which separate cars and electricity, better share and reduce costs from the entire life cycle of the product, while rapidly promoting the development of the industry. All of these require the assistance of a large amount of resources, funds, and financial policies.

In addition, it is estimated that there are currently approximately 10 million old equipment in the construction machinery industry that use fuel as energy. How should these equipment be handled? President Zhang believes that "completely replacing with new energy products is clearly not the most economical and environmentally friendly method; while replacing oil with electricity and replacing fuel engines with electric motors is a better option, which can continue to deplete the original 'residual value' of products while ensuring 'low carbon'. This is one of the directions for promoting the development of new energy products and a better way to allow the inventory to utilize its residual heat." Lanqing Heavy Industry has always advocated multi perspective thinking, using innovative technologies, innovative models, and innovative financial methods to solve the development challenges of new energy, leading the rapid development of the industry.

Strong alliance, contributing Blue Engine's strength to achieving the "dual carbon" goal

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Power Construction Group Leasing Co., Ltd., in order to fully implement the strategy of "water, energy, sand, city, and digital" in the "14th Five Year Plan" development plan of China Power Construction Group, Daeji Machinery has innovatively developed and incubated a digital "Daeji Machinery Shared Service Platform"; As the platform party and financial leasing provider for this signing and cooperation, Daeji Machinery has always adhered to providing one-stop services for the construction machinery industry with the integration of the entire industrial chain of "leasing, sales, financing, service, and processing" for customers in the power construction group and industry market, providing more support for the capital chain, logistics chain, and resource chain for the vast number of partners.

Lanqing Heavy Industry is an early domestic heavy industry enterprise that takes new energy as its starting point, focuses on connecting the power generation end (wind power photovoltaic) and the use end (engineering machinery and equipment) of new energy, develops new energy engineering machinery and equipment mainly based on mines and ports, and has advanced distributed mobile power exchange and other technologies, and owns a large number of core technology intellectual property rights. Since its establishment, Lanqing Heavy Industry has been committed to establishing a new energy, green electricity, and zero carbon ecosystem with a new infrastructure engineering system as the core, scenery, and new energy as the link, and a variety of new energy equipment and scenarios as the consumption terminals, to help achieve the "dual carbon" goal.

In the same boat we set sail together, embarking on a long voyage through winds and waves. The development philosophy and innovative thinking of Lanqing Heavy Industry have laid a good foundation for the cooperation between the two countries. The achievements of innovation, the power of science and technology, and the overall pattern of boosting the new energy industry will make the original intention of the strong and strong cooperation more intense chemical reactions, making the cooperation between the two countries more lasting.

On the new journey, we need to inject strong green momentum into high-quality development and plan for development at the height of harmonious coexistence between human beings and nature. As one of the rare heavy industry enterprises in China that only produces new energy powered vehicles, Lanqing Heavy Industry owns a large number of core technologies and intellectual property rights in the research and development of new energy powered vehicles, including customized new energy powered systems, multiple dynamic coupling systems, rapid power exchange systems, special equipment development and power exchange operation plans, integrated solar energy storage and transportation plans, as well as new energy port machinery, mining engineering machinery Highway heavy truck and other core products. Lanqing Heavy Industry always adheres to the path of technological innovation with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, and is committed to solving the collaborative problems of new energy, products, and scenarios, developing products that can better connect to new energy, and helping customers achieve the beautiful vision of green ports, green mines, green logistics, and green cities.

Thousands of flowers are arranged, just waiting for the first sound of new thunder.

The signing of the 100 new energy heavy truck project will become a new starting point for the development of Lanqing Heavy Industry. With the courage to innovate and unswerving determination, I believe that when the grand plan for new energy engineering machinery becomes a reality, Blue Engine Heavy Industry will leave a brilliant blue sky in the picture.