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New product exploration: How fragrant are Zoomlion's

Article source:The station Upload time:2023-03-24

Recently, Zoomlion Heavy Industries held a grand new product launch for concrete machinery. At the event, many new products, including the "Lingguan" series mixer truck, were introduced. The aurora green and Yuelu Mountain complement each other, forming a beautiful spring picture.

Among them, another heavyweight new product of Zoomlion Heavy Industries, the "Lingguan" series of light mixing trucks, has officially made its debut, attracting industry attention. What are the highlights? Let's take everyone to uncover its mystery!

Electric top

The upper part is driven by an electric motor, replacing the hydraulic drive system of traditional fuel mixer trucks, with wide adaptability and strong versatility. It can also be self charged through a diesel engine, without being limited by charging piles and without mileage anxiety.

High efficiency and oil saving

A variety of energy compensation methods such as on-board intelligent power generation and external fast charging are more flexible, bringing ultimate fuel saving performance. The braking energy recovery system converts waste into treasure, recovering excess energy released during braking or taxiing, and converting it into electrical energy for use.

It can also be equipped with the MIC constant speed system pioneered by Zoomlion Heavy Industries, which controls the constant speed of the mixing drum under different operating conditions to reduce energy consumption. Each unit can save at least 12000 yuan of oil per year. In addition, achieving engine flameout operations saves substantial benefits. According to the actual measurement, compared to the traditional mixer truck, it saves more than 30% of the overall fuel consumption, and saves 40000 yuan in operating costs per unit per year, leading the industry.

Safe and reliable

Durability of the mixer truck is a top priority, reducing engine usage time by 44%, greatly extending maintenance intervals. Brake energy recovery reduces brake shoe consumption, thereby improving service life. The constant speed digital control of the mixing drum can reduce wear and tear, extend its service life by 1.5 years, make the center of gravity more stable, and ensure safe driving.

Convenient operation

Extremely easy to use, with multiple operation modes such as cab touch screen, operation panel buttons, and 30 meter remote control, providing a full sense of experience and fully displaying humanization.

Only if the product is excellent can it win the favor of the market. With the support of the world's most advanced agitating truck intelligent factory, Zoomlion Heavy Industries has launched a strong attack on several "Lingguan" series of new energy agitating trucks, which are being delivered enthusiastically throughout the country, helping customers create more wealth.