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Top beams and pillars · Looking at mining machinery: Carrying the banner of

Article source:The station Upload time:2023-04-25

Innovation is the source of a company's core competitiveness, and many core technologies cannot be obtained or purchased

High quality development must be reflected here.

High end heavy equipment is an important weapon that Chinese manufacturing relies on to become strong and enterprise development relies on to win. Since its independent operation, XCMG Mining Machinery has made a strong start, raised high stakes, invested quickly, and concentrated its advantages in industry, academia, and research to strengthen original and leading technology research and key core component research. It has accelerated the transformation and upgrading of intelligent transformation, digital transformation, and "five modernizations", fully leveraging its advantages in complete sets, greening, and unmanned production. It has successfully developed China's first 700 ton hydraulic excavator, the world's first 80 ton electric light mining vehicle Multiple leading products from China and even the world, including the world's largest tonnage of 440 ton rear drive rigid mining trucks, have successfully entered mid to high-end markets such as Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. Within five years, they have become a large open-pit mining equipment enterprise that ranks first in China and among the top five in the world.

Always adhering to key core technologies and producing key core components is an important principle of national importance. On March 15, 2022, XCMG Mining Machinery officially launched the world's largest tonnage rear drive rigid mining vehicle XDE440, which is customized and developed for the highest industry standards in high-end mining markets in South America, North America, Australia, and other regions. With an annual attendance time of 7300 hours and an availability rate of over 95%, XCMG Mining Machinery has independently conquered intelligent variable frequency traction, high torque wheel drive, and cab rollover protection Multiple internationally leading key technologies such as fatigue resistance design for large load-bearing components, as well as the localization of key components for the entire machine, have formed a complete and controllable industrial chain, representing China's high-end equipment occupying the top position in the field of ultra large tonnage mining transport vehicles.

With the call for global smart mining and unmanned mining vehicle construction, XCMG holds high the banner of innovation and continues to carry out digital research and development. The complete set of construction plans for "drilling, excavation, transportation, breaking, delivery, and selection" is becoming increasingly perfect, opening up new fields and tracks in fierce competition, and shaping new energy and advantages.

Major breakthroughs have been made in key technologies such as unmanned driving integration technology and mining excavator heavy-duty operation efficiency improvement technology. New progress has been made in research on the localization and localization of key core components such as hydraulic, transmission, and reducer. Among them, XCMG mining hydraulic excavator has been selected as the single champion product in China's manufacturing industry, and the world's first three axle rigid pure electric unmanned mining vehicle XDR80TE-AT has been independently developed, which can achieve short distance remote control The three modes of remote control and unmanned intelligent driving can be freely switched, which is an intelligent and new energy mining transportation equipment that meets the green and energy-saving requirements of the mining industry.

During the two sessions, the topic of energy security strategy and energy transformation and transformation was once again "commonplace". Liu Zhongmin, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, academician of the CAE Member, and director of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, put forward: "Under the current complex international situation and the general background of global climate change, China's energy problem is facing more complex and severe challenges."

As an important support for green energy exploitation, mining machinery, with its production and operation technology progressiveness, quality reliability and safety, actively solves the global problem of optimizing the energy supply and demand pattern, makes every effort to promote the high-quality development of energy and ensure the high-level safety of energy.

Facing the new stage of development, strengthening and improving energy demand side management, and better serving the main line of supply side structural reform, XCMG Mining Machinery will continue to adhere to the theme of high-quality development, deeply implement the "three high and one large" product strategy, rely on the advantages of mining machinery main battle equipment and talent gathering, further expand competitiveness, rely on innovation driven connotative growth to break through difficulties and open up new opportunities, Injecting strong momentum into the high-quality development of energy and making new and greater contributions to XCMG's climb to the industrial Everest!