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Why Zoomlion Heavy Industry's Super Large Tower Crane Repeatedly Breaks the Limit in the Unmanned Zone of Technology

Article source:The station Upload time:2023-04-27

On April 20th, the R2000-720, the world's largest tower crane developed, designed, and manufactured by Zoomlion Heavy Industries, was taken offline.

The rated lifting torque is 20000 tons per meter, the maximum lifting capacity is 720 tons, and the maximum lifting height is 400 meters. R2000-720 has become a well-deserved performance responsibility! Integrating 158 innovative research achievements and 305 invention patents, including over 60 core key technologies and 12 world firsts, R2000-720 is the top intelligent manufacturing of tower cranes worldwide!

In the era of the Great Tower, a new king has been born!

From D5200-240, the world's largest horizontal arm slewing self elevating tower crane, to W1200-450, the world's first 10000 ton meter level slewing tower crane, and then to R2000-720, the world's largest tower crane, why can Zoomlion Heavy Technology repeatedly reach the pinnacle of tower crane technology? Driven by technological innovation genes, what is the layout of the industry leader and internationally leading Zoomlion Heavy Duty Tower Machine?

Fully formed advantages of modularization and serialization

Bravely shoulder the heavy responsibility of building a strong country with intelligence

With the further improvement of the proportion of prefabricated building, the construction of a series of super projects and the implementation of the goal of green energy infrastructure construction, large and super large tower cranes are playing an increasingly important role in construction.

Through 67 years of in-depth research, Zoomlion Heavy Industries regards technological innovation as an inexhaustible driving force, continuously improving tower crane product, technology, production, and manufacturing system innovation, bridging the innovation chain, strengthening key technology research, and continuously stimulating innovation vitality. Through modular design, model optimization, and other means, Zoomlion Heavy Industries creates flagship products, significantly enhancing market competitiveness.

At present, Zhonglian Heavy Kota Crane has achieved the ultimate utilization of standard sections through the "universal whole section+universal main chord+mobile flat street heavy technology"; By installing/controlling/modularizing the coupler, the expansion of the model is convenient and the cost is reduced; The modular design of the balance weight effectively improves the reliability and adaptability of the product, while also reducing the transportation and on-site assembly costs of the product, providing users with more convenient services; In terms of attachment modularization, through the segmented combination design of support rods, the universality rate of models in the 500-800tm, 1000-2300tm, 3200-6600tm, and 8000-20000tm series has reached 70%.

Thanks to the exploration of modular design, the flexibility and standardization of Zoomlion's tower crane products have been further improved, creating a technical foundation for type spectrum optimization. Zoomlion Heavy Industry Construction Crane has achieved full coverage of 13 series products in the field of large tower cranes, including 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1300, 1660, 2300, 3200, 4300, 6600, 8000, 12000, and 20000 tons per meter, meeting almost all lifting needs for large-scale lifting, adding impetus to the completion of construction, national key projects, and super projects!

Comprehensive application of digitization and intelligence

Continuously strengthening global leadership position

During the offline event of R2000-720, the world's largest tower crane, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. released the "Digital Declaration of Tower Cranes", which starts from three aspects: digital products, digital Internet of Things, and digital services. With 11 enterprise digital standards, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will shoulder the responsibility of leading the tower crane industry, innovate digital technology, and continue to create value for customers.

The R series tower crane products integrate digital and intelligent technology, and the R2000-720 is one of its proud works. Zoomlion has achieved digital product research and development through digital modeling, 3D design, simulation technology, virtual manufacturing, virtual assembly, and other means; Promoting the digitization of safety devices, sensors, controllers, frequency converters, display terminals and other components, providing a foundation for safety control, intelligent services, and digital construction; Through digital control based on digital components, bus communication, data interconnection, etc., safety protection functions such as anti overloading, anti impact, anti lifting anchor, anti sliding hook, and anti typhoon are achieved. The deep integration of product development digitization and intelligent manufacturing not only achieves a dual effect improvement in research and development efficiency and quality, but also greatly improves the accuracy, safety, and reliability of tower crane products, leading Chinese tower crane products towards high-end development Striving towards new goals of intelligence and greenery.

Not only that, Zoomlion Heavy Industries, starting from customer difficulties and pain points, organically combines digital services with construction applications and equipment management needs, providing customers with remote security debugging platforms, remote security inspection platforms, remote security supervision platforms, standard section rental sharing platforms, and fully leveraging its resource advantages in customer, industry, warehousing, and other aspects to create data sharing, industry sharing, and A new ecosystem of service resource sharing.

Building a manufacturing powerhouse and promoting high-quality development has never been a smooth path. The construction of Chinese path to modernization requires that Made in China continuously optimize its industrial structure, enhance its independent innovation ability, overcome key core technologies, improve quality and efficiency, and promote sustainable development. As one of them, Zoomlion Heavy Industries dares to take the lead and challenge the technology field of unmanned exploration of large tower cranes, setting records and constantly breaking them. This is not only Zoomlion's ultimate pursuit of technological innovation, but also its firm commitment to serving the country through its industry.

Empowered by digitization and intelligence, Zoomlion Heavy Industries is building a new industrial pattern based on its strong market share, customer service capabilities, data operation and maintenance capabilities, and intelligent manufacturing capabilities. It is pioneering a shared ecosystem, deeply practicing digital services, and promoting the high-end, intelligent, and green development of the tower crane industry chain.