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Confidence and Seeking Change: Under the New Strategy, Hitachi Builds China's Chess Game's Starting Style

Article source:The station Upload time:2023-05-05

Every great achievement starts with confidence and takes the first step with confidence. In basketball games, confidence is a more precious existence than gold, especially in business competition.

In 1996, the final episode of the animated version of "Slam Dunk Master" froze countless people's memories in the moment before the national competition; At that time, Hitachi Construction Machinery had just entered the Chinese market for a year and was full of confidence and enthusiasm.

27 years have passed in the blink of an eye, and recently the "National Slam Dunk Master" competition has finally been brought to the big screen, reigniting a generation of passionate youth. In fact, what has always made us empathize with has nothing to do with age, it has always been ordinary and firm confidence and courage! Just like Hitachi Construction Machinery, we have been deeply rooted in the Chinese market for nearly 30 years, winning customers with continuous innovation in products and services; Under the new situation, we will optimize and reorganize, make a new appearance and start again. We will continue to move steadily and vigorously.

trong confidence enables Hitachi Jianji to win the first hand

In April 2023, the new president of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Xianqi, fulfilled his duties, and the Chinese business also ushered in new opportunities under the adjustment of Hitachi Construction Machinery's global strategic layout. Subsequently, the newly established Hitachi Construction Machinery Sales (China) Co., Ltd. held an offline media communication meeting. Mr. Cheng Xiaoming, the Managing Director, had face-to-face discussions with media friends to discuss the strategic upgrade and brand management of Hitachi Construction Machinery in the new market environment, We have made great determination because we believe in the Chinese market, our customers, and Hitachi Construction Machinery's decision to make the Chinese market one of the core global strategies for the future

Where does such strong confidence come from? Firstly, due to the power of confidence, including the ZX-6A series, C-type machines, "mining imported machines", as well as the "certification machines and rental machines" that revolve around the needs of post market customers, Hitachi Jianji's complete product system in China is formed; The process of innovation, research and development, and globalization is constantly accelerating; The continuous integration and improvement of channel networks. Secondly, due to positive feedback from the Chinese market and customers, the market size, product diversity, and stable supply chain have provided fertile ground for the development of Hitachi Construction Machinery's China business.

As Cheng Xiaoming said, "Chinese customers are relatively tolerant, and their demand changes will closely follow the times and market development. Chinese customers are more recognized for the technological innovation and leapfrog development of enterprises, which is very beneficial for any manufacturer

Since entering China, Hitachi Jianji's products have undergone continuous technological innovation for nearly 30 years, ranging from the -1, -2, -3 series (such as 3G, 5G, 5A) to today's 6A models. At the same time, according to customer requirements, we are constantly adjusting the product structure. On the one hand, we will introduce internationally validated products, and on the other hand, we will develop localized products according to the needs of Chinese customers; Hitachi Construction Machinery is increasingly focusing on customers' specific requirements for product lifecycle and some of its long-term operational cost control propositions, as exemplified by the C-type machine launched in deep cooperation with Weichai.

On February 1, 2023, Hitachi Construction Machinery officially launched the new "C series" first model ZX200C-6A (parameter | inquiry) for the Chinese market. It not only includes the meaning of iterative upgrades represented by the "6A series", but also the letter "C" in the product model refers to providing high cost performance and high stability solutions for Chinese customers, striving to create an industry benchmark in the "National Fourth" era and positioning the product with better cost performance, Provide an ideal choice for customers who pursue stable comprehensive performance.

In recent years, the construction of green mines and the establishment of a smart mining system have become important measures and guarantees for sustainable development. Hitachi Construction Machinery not only possesses high-power mining machinery that is highly popular in the market, but also utilizes advanced technical means such as the Consite comprehensive response service system, Global e-Service management system, and Consite Mine monitoring and analysis system to help effectively dispatch and reduce personnel management of mining resources. It provides forward-looking solutions for digital mining and has been widely recognized by large mining customers at home and abroad. At present, Hitachi Construction Machinery is actively promoting the implementation of "remote management" and "artificial intelligence technology" in China's mining industry, helping to fully liberate industry productivity.

Creating value and providing solutions "are the two most important keywords in the current development of Hitachi Construction Machinery. In addition to the promotion of new products and the optimization and improvement of solutions, Hitachi Construction Machinery continues to expand its business areas and expand its service radius. In leasing business, models such as rent for sale, purchase after lease, and re lease after lease meet the needs of customers with different budget levels; High standard certified mobile phones achieve outstanding cost-effectiveness; A sound remanufacturing system endows brands with higher industry value.

Cheng Xiaoming believes that the relationship between the main engine factory and the dealer must be a partnership of mutual benefit and win-win situation. Specifically, as for distributors, they have their own positioning, which is the so-called partner.

I understand as a distributor: firstly, to be a customer, and doing business is the result of being a customer; secondly, to provide added value; thirdly, to continuously invest, and the strength of the enterprise itself must be linked to the investment. As a manufacturer, firstly, to determine the overall strategy of market circulation, which is an unshirkable responsibility; secondly, to provide products and solutions that are completely consistent with the circulation strategy; and thirdly, to establish a circulation system that supports and manages distributors Based on this manufacturer relationship, Hitachi Jianji's channel construction has become an "invisible wing" to support its development in China.

The diversified value chess path of innovation, change, inheritance and development

In a basketball game, when the opponent comprehends the strategic intent and tactics, the entire team will fall into a passive state. To change the current situation and even win the game, one must change the routine and win by surprise. Just as the success or failure of an enterprise depends on its ability to innovate, especially in the current stage of the transformation of old and new potential energy, this spirit is even more necessary during the special difficult times of the industry and enterprises. The first step in innovation is to make changes.

Hitachi Construction Machinery has been discussing change, with dealers, our own employees, and our partners... Currently, we need to do three things: change our ideas, change (optimize) methods, and then change (improve) execution. This is the most fundamental guarantee for Hitachi Construction Machinery's healthy development in the future. "" Change "In Cheng Xiaoming's speech at the entire press conference, in order to be the most frequently used vocabulary, Next is' value '.

Of course, such innovation and change have always run through the development process of Hitachi Construction Machinery. Shortly after Cheng Xiaoming took over as the Managing Director of Hitachi Construction Machinery (Shanghai) in 2018, he launched the "Vision 2023" project, reaffirming the company's mission, core values, and redefining the vision, focusing on 33 key topics in six major areas. The original intention of this project is to break the difficult situation of Hitachi Construction Machinery in the Chinese market at that time, and to make changes after breaking through.

To Cheng Xiaoming's delight, the change of "Vision 2023" has been effective. The rebound in sales of small products that are highly sensitive to customer prices and the collaboration with 23 distributors to achieve the top market share of Japanese brands are the best feedback. In Cheng Xiaoming's research, for customers who pay more attention to the product lifecycle, how to help dealers achieve business model transformation and shift Hitachi Construction Machinery, which was originally more focused on sales, to customer service, has been strategically tilted and gradually accelerated.

In the future, Hitachi Construction Machinery's development strategy in China will focus on how to produce equipment that corresponds to market and customer needs. At the same time, it is crucial to understand how to transform the product's lifecycle into a series of services that can work with distributors to achieve operational model transformation. These are the crucial 'two main battlefields'. We will thoroughly implement the Customer Interest First principle The basic concept of providing value to customers from various aspects such as product development, production, sales, service, finance, etc Although Cheng Xiaoming only gave a passing score of 60 for his proposed "Vision 2023", in fact, for Hitachi Construction Machinery's Chinese business, the driving force of innovation and change goes far beyond this, including breakthroughs in smart mining solutions and electrified products, expansion of leasing contract second-hand machine business, and improvement of management level

In an interview, Takehiko Inoue stated that when he created the manga "Slam Dunk Master", he was still young and liked the hero character Sakuragi Kadojo, who had unlimited possibilities. However, now he is more willing to choose ordinary people who have experienced stories and overcome pain. So Yoshida Miyagi took on the role of the protagonist in the big movie 'Slam Dunk Master', which instead caused more resonance.

In today's Chinese construction machinery market, perhaps Hitachi Jianji is not the most "talented" sakura flower path, the most handsome Maple Kawaguchi, and the most fearless Mitsui Shou, but who can say that Ryoda Miyagi cannot grow into the NBA's "Chris Paul", "Nash", and "Magic Johnson"? At least from the current Chinese chess game built by Hitachi, attack and defense, momentum and momentum, chess sense and judgment are all superior.